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Real Estate

Choose from all the inventory available in Spain, regardless of ownership. No attachment with any seller and total transparency about prices, fees and commissions.

Immigration/Legal/Tax Advice

Beyond the real estate operation, our legal partners will mentor you through all contractual, fiscal and financial situations you face when making your move to Spain.

Health Insurance Brokerage

If  not covered by your American insurance we will find the option –national or international– that best fits your needs, with no preference for any provider

Post-sale Services

After you have settled we can keep helping you feel at ease. We will find the professionals you need to cover from the most basic routines to the unexpected inconveniences.

Viewing Trips

If you want to explore before making a decision we will help you design your trip and, when possible, have somebody on site to guide you and show your real estate picks

Peace of Mind

And, above all, we want you to feel at ease during the whole process, knowing that you will always have somebody knowledgeable and of total trust by your side



 I can’t say enough about how helpful Carlos was with me.  He went over and above to make certain that I was successful.  I had a last minute crisis because I misunderstood the health insurance rules.  I had started my international insurance in November when I retired.  The rule is that the insurance must be effective for a year upon entering the country.  My existing carrier wouldn’t extend and Carlos pulled a rabbit out of his hat and got me a policy with a new carrier just in time for my application! 


Although he specializes in Andalusia, he agreed to help me with my retirement visa to Menorca.  He guided me with patience through all of my stupid questions and made sure that all of my documentation was in order.  He has excellent contacts with the consulates and provided me with a certified translator that the consulates like.  I can’t imagine trying to do this on my own.  As a result of his assistance, I received my visa in record time!  It was two weeks from my final application to the approval. 

By the way, his rates are more than reasonable! 

 Thank you my friend!

Mark H., Fort Worth, TX

We could not be more happy with the help that Carlos and Andalusia Lifestyles gave us, and absolutely could not have pulled this off without his deep knowledge and counsel. Over the past few years my wife and I fell in love with Europe and a dream began to emerge – partial year retirement in Europe.   

But where?  After researching all the options, we chose Spain (and in particular, the Costa Del Sol area) – a climate that matches our residence in Southern California, with a cost profile we could never duplicate here, and all that Spain has to offer culturally including proximity to travel within Europe and continue our adventures.  Our research also revealed how unqualified we were to take on all the aspects of buying property in Spain.  We found Andalusia Lifestyles online and were thrilled that there was an LA-based company right in our backyard fully capable of helping us navigate this intimidating journey.   

We got in touch with Carlos and were immediately stricken by his passion for the area and his knowledge of the steps we needed to consider to make our dream a reality. Even better, he had realtor contacts and put us in touch with a phenomenal local lawyer and a mortgage broker.  They all made the process infinitely easy to understand, we found our apartment, and one power-of-attorney later, the process went into auto-pilot for us.  Everyone in the process was extremely patient and willing to explain each step along the way, and Carlos stayed very close to us and we felt like he was as personally invested in our success as we were.   

Carlos and Andalusia Lifestyles have everything you need to make owning property in Spain a reality.  Thanks again, Carlos! 

Sharon and Allen L., Los Angeles, CA


We don’t sell information, we do things for you with:


An American company with professionals responding for you in the US and Spain


We help you find the region in Spain that best fits your needs (although, well,we have a a thing for Huelva)


No hidden fees, costs always clear and full disclosure of who gets paid for what


No fixed packages, realtors or  health insurance options. We tailor our product to your specific needs