Moving overseas implies a great deal of trust, almost faith, and the unknown factor limits the range of options to consider, favoring places more crowed, exploited and expensive. Through our 360º, local approach to the process, we are in the best position to eliminate uncertainties and offer you a vast array of options with all the guarantees you demand.

We will help you shape your dream investment or retirement from the moment you choose your destination to the day you are fully settled in your new home, and even later. We can guide you through the peculiar Spanish red tape, from the consulate to the notary public, helping you along the path to pick the right services, professionals, and of course, your place to live.

A local team of independent and seasoned professionals –realtors, lawyers, tax experts—will make sure that you always get the best options, the most efficient processes and the most accurate information. They accumulate dozens of years of experience and know all areas of the business, both in the private and the public areas. On top of that, we maintain a constant presence in the United States, so you can talk to us without time difference issues nor cultural or language barriers.  

This full coverage also gives us great flexibility to attend any special needs or requests. We want to grow with our clients and learn with them the kind of things that define the perfect destination and the easiest process to get there. What you see in this site is our perception of a dream, but it is yours that matters.


We deal only with local experts, with deep roots in their markets, allowing us to access almost any available property in any area. We can lead you to properties privately owned as well as those repossessed by banks. You can come to us with a property in mind and we will get you the best deal with the seller. Or you can tell us what your ideal home looks like and we will offer you a few options to choose from.

Once you have made your decision, we will monitor all the property buying process, with legal assistance from the Spanish and the American side, providing all the documentation in English and representing you or being physically with you when complying with any official formality.

In the case of Huelva, we also have closed agreements with trusted developers so you can buy directly from them. Besides already existing properties, these developers own extensive amounts of land in Huelva’s most desirable locations, offering maximum flexibility to build your own villa or even a community of condos or townhouses, all designed to your taste.

If you prefer to rent for a while before making your mind up, we will look for the places that best accommodate your needs and will oversee and validate all the leasing process.


Besides all the paperwork inherently associated to buying a property, we have the resources to mentor you through all legal, fiscal and financial situations you face when planning and executing your move to Spain.

The visa process is straightforward but can be cumbersome. We will advise and help you present your documentation in the correspondingconsulate in the US, and will clear any hurdle you may face with immigration authorities in Spain. We have an expert agency in Madrid used to deal with the Spanish Foreign Office and can later be with you in Huelva’s Police Station to sign the final document proving you are a legal, satisfied alien.

Taxes will inevitable be an issue once you buy a property in Spain and, especially, if you obtain a visa and stay in the country for long periods of time. The agreements between Spain and the US guarantee that there won’t be double taxation, but you still need to be wisely advised. We will provide you with tax experts at both sides of the Atlantic. In Spain, we can take of care of your tax returns in the successive years after your purchase.

Real estate purchases of this nature are usually completed in cash. If you decided to take advantage of Spain’s historic low interest rates, we will find for you the best possible mortgage and will ensure you comply with all the legal and fiscal obligations attached to such vital contract.


We are fully aware of the weight of health care when making the decision of moving overseas, and we have already mentioned how this concern puts Spain in a great advantage when compared to other retiree-friendly countries.

If your American insurance cannot cover you overseas, we will find the best possible product for your needs and circumstances. There is a wide offer of private insurances, and we will help you read/translate the fine print so there are no unpleasant surprises later. We can even negotiate group rates if you decide to come to Huelva with more people.


Acquiring a property and moving to a new country is just the first step of that beautiful and thrilling process of starting a new life. Things that have been a routine and even a boring drag now become an adventure full of discoveries and, of course, some risks.

We want to help you minimize the surprise factor in all those necessary steps towards your complete adaptation to the new circumstances. We can take care for you of the most average tasks like buying furniture to finding an internet provider. And we can help you open your Spanish bank accounts, get your driving license or rent your property if you need to. You ask for it, we tell you if it can be done. And we do it for you.



We assume you will want to know the area and the properties before you make a decision and we want to make sure you get the best possible attention and information.

We will design individual or collective trips to inspect your chosen location and the properties you are interested in. In some cases you could also be able to stay at the developments you want to know, and enjoy their services, golf courses, etc. In these cases, the price of the trip would be discounted towards the final price of your purchase.

We can tailor stays of one or two weeks and arrange tourist tours, restaurants and any attraction you might be interested in.